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Wine slush mix, cocktail drink mixes, and a variety of specialty foods such as fruit salsa, specialty salsa, jams, barbecue sauces, gourmet dip mixes, hot dips, soup mixes, Beef Jerky  and more is here for you to enjoy.

Our customer base consists of those operating their own business selling at farmers markets, craft shows, flower shows as well as craft stores, specialty foods stores, liquor stores, restaurants, specialty gift shops, campgrounds, wineries, gift baskets, etc.

***Always Free shipping on  retail orders $75.00 or more.

As you view our site, you will have an opportunity to order a vast variety specialty foods wholesale or retail. The product shopping carts are  set up for retail purchase only. Wholesale customers must contact us directly for price and delivery.

                            SPECIALTY FOOD PRODUCTS

   *Dip mixes  *Hot Dips *Dessert mixes *Olive Oil Blends    *Soup mixes   *Cocktail drink mixes  * Wine Slush mix  *Sugar free wine mix      *Fruit Salsa   *Specialty  Salsa   *Jams     *Barbecue  sauces  

                           *Dry salsa mix   *Condiments  *Beef Jerky 

                                                RETAIL SHOPPING CART

 Order using our safe and secure shopping cart. Enjoy the finest quality of products at a fair price. Each type of specialty food has its own shopping cart section for ordering and will be added to the cart.

Please Note- We are currently in our busiest time of the season so deliveries may be effected. Contact us for delivery updates.

                                  FULL COURSE DINNER


Our products are ideal for the preparation of a full course dinner. Begin with a favorite wine slush or cocktail drink. Choose from an extensive menu of several cocktail drink mixes.

 Enjoy a delightful appetizer using a favorite dip mix, salsa, jam, condiment, or set up the grill for a warm barbecue style appetizer. Try a hearty soup. We also offer (5) hot dip crock pot cheesy dip flavors.

For the main course, prepare shrimp scampi and/or scallops, and us Judi's Original Garlic Butter.

Enjoy an after dinner cocktail. For dessert indulge in a slice of your favorite Key lime  pie.

                                 GOURMET DIP MIXES

We are pleased to provide gourmet dip mixes for our customers. we offer savory dips, dessert mixes, olive oil blends. We are honored to distribute  the Judecraft Specialty Foods gourmet dip mixes line. After taste testing several other dip and seasoning mixes,  we feel that Judecraft Specialty Foods offers the top quality and is the best fit with our products. Try our NEW Sea Salt Caramel and Peppermint Parfait cheesecake dessert mixes. Our two NEW  savory dip mixes, Zesty Parmesan and Taco Dip & Seasoning have also been well received.

                                  SPECIAL DEAL PACKS

We offer several deal packs that provide savings for our customers. We currently are offering a special  sale for cocktail drink mixes and other products. Click the following link to the deal packs page:

                                       SALSA: FRUIT AND SPECIALTY 

Homemade Fruit Salsa with delicious flavors along with tomato based Specialty Salsa. Enjoy several fruit salsa flavors such as Peach, Mango, Pineapple and more. Our tomato based specialty salsa includes, Ass Kicken Habanero Salsa which is extra spicy, especially for cleaning out your nostrils.  Spread salsa on a softened block of cream cheese or dip with Tortilla chips and enjoy. All flavors contain natural ingredients with no msg or preservatives.

                                             WINE SLUSH MIX

                                        COCKTAIL DRINK MIXES

Get out your blender for a fabulous frozen wine slush drink. If you prefer ,enjoy a Martini or  your favorite cocktail on the rocks. We have created Martini drinks such as Apple- tini, Chocolatini, Pomegranate, Peach-Mango, Watermelon etc. The drink mixes are light dry powder mixes and easy for packing for a trip. These are wonderful classic cocktail drinks that  taste fantastic are mixed with either dry white wine, red wine, or conventional alcohol. Many are excellent using sparkling soda.

The wine slush mix and cocktail drink mixes are easy to make using a blender. Some prefer the bag in the freezer method. Watch a short video to see how easy a frozen drink mix is to make.

                                                  BEEF  JERKY

Five delicious flavors with impeccable tenderness. "Original", Hot, Teriyaki, Peppered, Honey Glazed.  F.D.A. approved for sale. We assure only lean and whole muscle cuts are used to create delicious fresh Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky is  shelf stable for up to 1.5 years. No salty processed taste with our beef jerky. Low carbs and high protein. Nutritional values on label.

                                               JAMS / CONDIMENTS

Condiments such as Corn Pepper Relish and Jalapeno Honey Mustard are certain to please. Enjoy our large sized jars of delicious Apple Butter and Pumpkin butters. Try our select homemade jams such as Blueberry, Raspberry Jalapeno, Strawberry Rhubarb. Raspberry.

                                         GOURMET SOUP MIXES

We offer delicious dry soup mixes wholesale & retail. The flavors are Broccoli & Cheddar, French Onion, Potato & Leek, Hearty Tomato, Chicken Corn Noodle and Cheesy Potato & Bacon, Cheeseburger and South Of The Border-Chipotle. They are prepackaged in 5 oz. bags. Add water and/ or milk for up to 4-6 cups of delicious soup.

                                HOME BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

We recently launched a gourmet food and drink home party program at:  This is an opportunity to work at home as a party hostess, make extra income and have fun doing it. Join now and get outstanding specialty food products, brochures, order forms. Feel free to contact us for this ground floor opportunity.

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